You Probably Will Not Misunderstand The Message of Fly Young Red's New Song, Throw That Boy Pussy

By:Dave Hughes on 03/19/14

There's no, uh, pussyfooting around the point of this track, and it's going to be totally omnipresent for five ironic minutes. 

Serious question: does this mean that people are allowed to twerk again?  (No, no it does not).

Seriously though, we salute Fly Young Red, who has created something timelessly crass that would have never existed before this very moment. 


An Interview With Troy White of LOCKWOOD

By:Dave Hughes on 03/06/14

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What is Lockwood?

Lockwood is the creative outlet and heart of designer Troy White.

How did you get involved in skate/surf culture?

Being gay I never really fit in with team sports... then I found skateboarding. At the time skateboarding, surfing, etc were embraced by all sorts of artist types. It was counter culture. And I fit perfectly. With an art background early on I started doing work with companies like Vans, Altamont, Burton, Analog, Billabong, and Quiksilver. 

Why did you start working with Nasty Pig?

I started working on things with NastyPig here and there years ago... Before I really found myself. After taking an in-house job with Nike, and seeing the sport that I grew up on - the culture that I thrived on - swallowed up by corporate bullshit, I realized that these money grubbers were killing all that I knew. 

What were your influences for this collaboration?

My influences come from just about everything... Lately I have dug deep inside of me - find my heart and point out some of the things that matter.

What's next for Lockwood?

I would love to continue Lockwood as a design studio that would collaborate with companies that share the same passion and heart




Happy National Pancake Day!

By:Dave Hughes on 03/04/14

Hot on the heels of National Pig Day, it's National Pancake Day. May we take the liberty of suggesting that any pancakes you consume on this day be, nevertheless, shaped like adorable pigs. See above for guidance. #pigcake


We Love: Peter Wegner, Buildings Made of Sky

By:Dave Hughes on 03/03/14

"Between the buildings of a city, another city. It's invisible, the city no one built. In this city, the buildings are made not of brick or steel, but of sky."

Peter Wegner's BUILDINGS MADE OF SKY is a series of photographs of the the sky as it's seen between buildings in New York, Chicago and San Francisco; Wegner then inverted the photographs, which makes the photos resemble - as the title implies - buildings formed of the sky itself. The set is sequenced as a phantom skyline showing the course of an entire day, from sunrise to sunset. The whole thing is stunning. Check out more images here


David Byrne Singing Biz Markie Is Your Moment of Zen

By:Dave Hughes on 02/26/14



When You Think About It, the 2-Man Luge Really Is Pretty Gay

By:Dave Hughes on 02/05/14

1. You know what? Wearing a lycra bodysuit IS a skill, and Olympic lugers and bobsledders should be celebrated for their ability to rock them thangs. 

2. This is what The Human League were for. 

3. You may be a kind of wacky Canadian NGO that exists primarily to influence companies' HR, diversity and inclusion policies, CIDI, but you know how to form a middle finger and wave it in the general direction of the Russian government, so you're good with us. 



Get it, Straight People

By:Dave Hughes on 02/04/14

Have you guys used this app Tinder? It's one of those newfangled tools the kids are using to find casual sex, but the catch is that it's actually apparently somewhat popular with straight women - because you can only get messaged by people who you've already said "yup, I'd hit that" about. 

Anyway, this College Humor video makes me happy that straight people, at long last, decades after the sexual revolution, have a good way to find NSA delights again. Get it get it, heterosexuals. 


You can't win em all

By:Kevin Jaedon on 02/03/14

The yesSIRwhateverSIR tumblr posted some shade about us over the weekend.

However, we can't get mad at a good coven gif.  Especially one with Jessica Lange. 

See the original tumblr post, as well as other pretty funny leather/rubber reaction gifs, at yesSIRwhateverSIR's tumblr page (NSFW)



However, we have some words for the guys at yesSIRwhateverSIR.


Meryl Streep's B-Boy Stance is Realer Than Yours

By:Dave Hughes on 01/27/14

Of course it is. 

Via Gawker


A Nasty Pig Takes a Bath

By:Dave Hughes on 01/24/14

OMG THE CUTE IT BURNS. It burns so much. Soon, I may no longer be able to see, and while I will miss the gift of sight, I shall not mourn, for I will have experienced this cuteness, this one last bit of joy before the dark. 

I mean, come on.