Nasty Pig <3s Hip Hop

By:The Crew on 04/30/12

Because it's always time for quality hip hop, here's a Spotify playlist of some of our all-time favorites. Enjoy!


We Love: Jack White - I'm Shakin'

By:The Crew on 04/27/12

Predictably, we are totally living for the new Jack White record Blunderbuss right now. As the recent (excellent) New York Times profile made clear, he's channeled a lot of his recent turmoil into this album, including the dissolution of the band he'll always be primarily identified with and the end of his marriage to Karen Elson. It shows. Not to be rude, but when Jack White has lady troubles, the results usually rock.

That said, by Jack White standards Blunderbuss isn't much of a guitar record. Of the White Stripes albums, it's probably closest to Get Behind Me Satan - there's a lot of minor key piano and tight blues songcraft. Which is one reason why "I'm Shakin'" is such a highlight - White rides a cocky riff, some cooing backup singers and a remarkably amusing reading of the word "nervous" all the way home. It's the sound of strutting on eggshells.


New York Has a Space Shuttle And You Don't

By:The Crew on 04/27/12

Photo via Flickr User Serenitbee

This is a photo Space Shuttle Enterprise being flown past midtown. It will be installed at the Intrepid Museum later this year.

This has been yet another installment of "Reasons why New York City is like a Boss."


Our Heroes: Mark Wahlberg And His Meaty Thighs

By:The Crew on 04/26/12

Just look at those gams.

Seriously, though. For a guy who first started modeling underwear 20 years ago, Mr. Funky Bunch is looking damn good.

We would also like to thank his publicist, for realizing what an amazing PR bump these totally-not-staged photos would be, and the photographer who pressed his shutter button right as Marky clutched his package.



Today in totally NSFW Music Videos: Telonius f. Prince Albert (AKA Sam Sparro f. Roisin Murphy) - Last Night

By:The Crew on 04/24/12

This here AWESOME video has cartoon phalluses and crevices up the ying yang, folks. That NSFW is not for show. But, seriously: this is also delightful.

Don't let the credits fool you. Sam Sparro, a talented Australian pop singer who happens to be gay, has teamed up with Roisin Murphy, a talented Welsh pop singer who happens to be a fabulous underground gay icon, to create this sexed-up deep disco cut.

Whoever directed the video was obviously heavily inspired by the totally psychedelic, positively pornographic clip for Flying Lotus's "Parisian Goldfish," which is totally alright by us. (That video is frankly too hot/insane for this site, so do the Google and check it out if you haven't seen it already).

The record comes out on Gomma Dance Tracks in June.


We Love: Nicki Minaj - Come On A Cone

By:The Crew on 04/23/12

It's becoming increasingly obvious that we're living through a golden age of female MCs. Maybe it shouldn't seem like such a big deal - after all, women are more than 50% of the population, why shouldn't there be gender parity on the mic? - but it kinda does. And it does seem like there's a new hyper-talented female rapper cropping up every day. But while we step to no one in our appreciation of Azealia Banks and Njena Red Foxx, it's clear that they're still contenders to the throne held by Ms. Minaj. And her performance here is probably her most aggressive and thrilling since her turn on "Monster." Turn it up.


Our Reading List: Pharrell - Places and Spaces I've Been

By:The Crew on 04/23/12

Things we like:

1. Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes and N.E.R.D., one of the best hip hop producers ever.
2. Takashi Murakami, modern artist and designer extraordinaire.
3. Jay-Z.

All of whom are involved in this Rizzoli book, which is coming out in October. Also, that cover is amazing.Props to SlamXHype for putting it on our radar.



Friday Hottie: Jamal Looks Down On You

By:The Crew on 04/20/12

What a perspective! Jamal's looking mighty commanding in the Nasty Pig Jock.


We Love: Gotye v Avicci, "Levels I Used to Know

By:The Crew on 04/12/12

We know, we know. Mashups are often so very last decade. But sometimes, rarely, they do achieve a certain alchemy, where two things that were pretty great on their own become even better in combination.

That's definitely the case with this collision between Avicci's fist-pumping anthem "Levels" and Gotye's otherwise fairly mournful "Somebody That I Used to Know." Somehow, this sounds like it was meant to be.

We won't lie: it's been played on repeat in the Nasty Pig Studio.


Nasty Pig Heroes: Snacking Subway Fight-Interrupter Guy

By:The Crew on 04/11/12

As regular riders of the NYC subway, we've seen our share of altercations between riders. It doesn't happen as much as it used to, but it does still happen. New York is a big place, and sometimes people rub each other the wrong way.

That said, we've never seen anyone intervene in a subway fight with anywhere near the level of badass nonchalance employed by the hero we're calling Snacking Subway Fight-Interrupter Guy.

"I'd really prefer it if you people would quit kung-fu-kicking each other," his demeanor seems to say. "I'm just going to get in between you and continue to enjoy my delicious chips. Cool? Cool."

The relaxed control on display is totally Nasty Pig. And yeah, okay, we also think he's pretty hot. Hey Snacking Subway Fight-Interrupter Guy: thanks for being awesome.