Throwback Fridays - Eric B and Rakim - Dont Sweat the Technique

By:The Crew on 08/31/12


Start your weekend off right (if a little early - there's still work to be done before Labor Day!) with this old-skool smash. Everyone needs a little Rakim swagger every now and then. 


We Love: The Presets - Ghosts

By:The Crew on 08/30/12

We were just minding our own business in the Nasty Pig Studio, listening to the first single from Australian sensation The Presets' forthcoming new album, when Matthew, our Patternmaker and Assistant Designer, spoke up. "What is this?!" he exclaimed. "It's kind of awesome!" 

We concur. It's kind of the most serious The (previously fairly party-focused) Presets have gotten, and it finds them hitting a nice U2-ish power ballad stride. The video is gorgeous, too. Enjoy. 


Republicans Get Crunk (Not Really)

By:The Crew on 08/29/12

Sometimes politics can get you down, but then you see something like this and all is right with the world. Hat tip to Gawker. Thank you for existing, Internet. 


Our new single - World War 4 by Chad Jack vs Nasty Pig - Drops September 16 on Tommy Boy Records

By:The Crew on 08/29/12

Check out this preview. Shit is serious. Along with the original mix there are six more slammin' remixes from Razor & Guido, DJ Paulo, Eddie Martinez, Coletta & LaCava, Joe Mancuso and DJ James Anthony.

"World War Four will be fought on a dancefloor!"


Your Daily Reminder That New Yorkers Are Not to Be Fucked WIth

By:The Crew on 08/28/12

Crutch Apocalypse 2012, we salute you. We think you're totally gross, but also hilarious, and you remind us that New York is absurd and beautiful and aggressive and dumb in all the best ways. 


Sleevefacing NYC

By:The Crew on 08/27/12

Buzzfeed put together a gallery of a bunch of classic albums with covers featuring NYC locations and mashed 'em up with current photos of those locations. It's a really cool project. This is KISS on the corner of 8th Avenue at 23rd Street. Our offices are about 12 blocks north of this location. Check out the rest of the gallery. 


In the battle between Cypress Hill and a squid, we all win

By:The Crew on 08/24/12


"The video shows a closeup of Chromatophores, cells that squids use to change their color. They open and close based on an electric signal from the brain (called a "spike"). By connecting an iPod to the nerve, we can cause those spikes through the current that should normally go to the magnets in the earbuds. It takes low frequency currents to make spikes fire, which is why it seems to only respond to the bass track ("the beat")."


We Love: Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments

By:The Crew on 08/23/12

Jessie Ware is a singer from South London who describes herself as "British Electronic Soul." Her new record is getting some raves and she's already distinguished herself by the excellence of her collaborators, including Julio Bashmore, a dance producer who's been absolutely on fire since sometime early last year. "Wildest Moments" is one of her first singles, a power ballad that kind of sneaks up and wallops you. It's pretty much gorgeous. And to paraphrase one of her YouTube commenters, you know an artist has a special talent when they can release a video featuring no gimmicks, no fuss - just her sitting on rotating chair - and it mesmerises you for the entire 4 minutes.


We Love: Matthew Dear - Earthforms

By:The Crew on 08/21/12

It's possible even for artists who meet with a great deal of success to be underrated. Matthew Dear has not led a life without praise, but somehow he still hasn't gotten the credit he deserves. The guy's about to release his third near-perfect album in a row - Beams, which will come out next week on his label Ghostly International, is probably the best thing he's made yet, and given that it has to compete with the generally excellent pitch-black disco of Black City and globetrotting funk of Asa Breed, that's saying something. And that's just counting the stuff he's released under his own name - as Audion, he's responsible for one of the most massive club hits of the millennium thus far, "Mouth to Mouth," a minimal techno track that sounds like falling into another, more hedonistic dimension. 

So yes - Dear's got serious range; dude is capable of pulling off moves other people can't even think of in multiple musical idioms. And people who pay attention to Dear know he's on the next level. Still, though, he hasn't gotten to James Murphy or Win Butler levels of indie appreciation. Beams will probably change that, for a couple of reasons. First, the album - which is streaming over at - is probably the most rock-inspired of the sounds he's inhabited. "Earthforms," embedded above, is a perfect little post-punk gem, something that everyone who's ever cried to a Joy Division song will immediately recognize. Talking Heads fans will find a great deal of stuff here that's at once familiar and new, and amazing, as well. And second, while Dear has always come off as a little cold and detached - being a savant will do that to you, we suppose, and he certainly wears an awful lot of black - he sounds more open and engaged and present here than he's ever been before. As always, it's a pleasure to watch a true artist become more truly himself. 


Check out this crazy stop-motion animation made entirely in Microsoft Excel

By:The Crew on 08/20/12

We use Excel a lot - we gotta keep our accounts correct, you know - but we have to say that we didn't even realize that it had so many colors. Maybe our spreadsheets aren't color coded as effectively as they could be. Seriously though, that shit cray.