Nasty Pig salutes Tyra Banks, Harvard Business School certificateholder

By:The Crew on 02/23/12

That's Tyra Banks, receiving a certificate from an Executive Education program at Harvard Business School today. In 5 inch spikes. Work, Tyra.


Rob the Riveter, Shot by Jason T. Jaskot

By:The Crew on 02/21/12

Thanks to Jason T. Jaskot for sending us these photos of a very hot, very large young man showing his stuff in our Rivet Jean.


Nasty Pig Fan Randy in the NP Bikini, Onboard the Allure of the Seas

By:The Crew on 02/20/12

Like our Creative Director and our CEO, Nasty Pig fan Randy was sporting NP gear aboard the Allure of the Seas last month.

To be honest with you, it does look like rather pleasant.

Thanks for sharing, Randy. And remember, everyone: email shots of yourself working our clothing to!


Rick Santorum Made An Ad Where He Gets Frothy Brown Stuff Shot At Him

By:The Crew on 02/15/12

If Rick Santorum weren't so loathsome, he'd be kind of adorably clueless.

In the ad above, a "Mitt Romney" character shoots frothy brown liquid - it's supposed to be mud, but you know where we're going with this - at some cardboard cutouts of Rick Santorum.

Aside: Where can we get some cardboard cutouts of Rick Santorum?

Anyway, here at Nasty Pig we're against Santorum in all of its forms, but we're still fairly amused that Ricky approved this message.


Chad Rocks the Love Me 2 Tee in Puerto Vallarta

By:The Crew on 02/14/12

We're in NYC, where it is grey and cold today - so we're glad that we have awesome fans sending in pictures of themselves rocking NP gear in faraway tropical places, so we can imagine what it would be like to be in Puerto Vallarta for BeefDip, like Chad from Calgary is. It looks nice!


RIP Whitney Houston

By:The Crew on 02/14/12

Robyn vs Whitney Houston - Dancing in Houston (Zooash "Glam-Pop" Mashup) - supported by by Zooash

A lot has been said about the passing of Whitney Houston, and we'll refrain from piling on except to say that it's exceptionally sad when incredible talent leaves the world.

This mashup of "How Will I Know" with "Dancing on My Own" is actually a great way to remember the joy Whitney created.


Nasty Pig Superfan Robert C. at the Metropolitan Opera... plus, Like Us On Yelp!

By:The Crew on 02/13/12

Robert C. is a Nasty Pig superfan.

This is a picture of him at the Metropolitan Opera last week, watching the Gotterdammerung in head-to-toe Nasty Pig. Which, you know. We love.

Robert is one of our favorite customers, so we were especially pleased that he wrote a GREAT review of our retail shop in Chelsea on Yelp (which we've excerpted below).  It's an incredible review of our store - and it gets right at the heart of why we are in this business in the first place.

Robert's review is filtered off our our main profile right now - mainly because it's so positive, and he's a new Yelper - but we'd like to note that we appreciate reviews on Yelp from our fans. If you've been in the store, please check out our Yelp article and write us a good review if you're feeling like it. Thanks!

"A few years ago, I saw a person wearing a T-shirt at the Eagle.  It said NASTY PIG on it.  I was intrigued, and asked him where he bought it.  He told me.

I never knew what he told me would help to change my life.

I walked into their small, intimate shop on 19th Street, and admit I looked around a bit intimidated.  I walked out and bought nothing.

For the next few weeks, all I could think about was that little shop.

I returned weeks later, and spoke to the salesman. He helped me to pick out a T-shirt.

Since that day, I have bought every T-shirt Nasty Pig has ever made.

Having underwent a large weight loss, I was scared to try on clothes ANYWHERE.  It was this incredibly sweet worker named Isaac that helped me to try on my first pair of pants.  He taught me how to wear them correctly.  I had been wearing my pants like Urkel for years.

Nasty Pig took a frightened, self conscious guy and made him feel sexy and more like a man with their brand of clothes.  If you walk around Chelsea, you will encounter plenty of stores that specialize in clothes for the XS sized man, but none for the burly, more masculine type of man.

After years of searching, I had found a brand I could endorse with my entire heart.

I ended up tattooing their logo in my armpit, as a thank you to them for the great feeling their clothes give you.  I have been told that I have the largest Nasty Pig clothing collection to date by some of the sales people.

...I still have that first T-shirt from years ago, and it looks exactly the same.  Nasty Pig underwear is the ONLY brand I wear, and is incredibly comfortable. Their pants are made to LAST.  Their jeans are of AMAZING quality. Their gym shorts are by FAR the most comfortable you will ever buy.

So stop in the shop, see Isaac, and ask him if you need help or want an opinion. He is my Yoda, and has helped me to find the look that kinda identifies me now.

Jay, another worker, is amazing, and his smile is the most sincere I have ever encountered in my life.  It is rare that you get service like this in any store, but it is so obvious that the people who own, as well as those who work for Nasty Pig, believe 150% in what they are selling, as do I.

I am so proud to be a Nasty Pig.  Check it out and become one too."


Nasty Pig Had a Great Time on the 2012 Atlantis Events Allure of the Seas Caribbean Voyage

By:The Crew on 02/10/12

Fred and I have never gone to a circuit party weekend (excluding IML and MAL which are business trips for Nasty Pig).  The idea of partying my face off for five days straight in spandex and rhinestones is not one that appeals much to me.  So when the opportunity arose for us to go on the Caribbean Atlantis Cruise, we really had to think twice.  This particular Atlantis Cruise has a reputation for being the ultimate party boy destination and last year's voyage was rumored to be a legendary mess. But after having to cancel a vacation to Thailand and not having a Plan B in place, we decided to go for it. 

Boarding was seamless, and the boat itself is gorgeous.  Our room, located on the fourteenth floor with a balcony overlooking the ocean, was worth the trip alone.  Being able to sit above the ocean beneath the stars was an amazing experience, one that I found myself repeating with Fred all week long.  While we enjoyed the opportunity to eat at The Adagio, the über-fancy main dinner dining experience, we ate casually for most of the trip.  There was never a wait anywhere to eat and the choices of food were great.  I was thrilled that I only found out about the milk shakes on the last day. 

The top deck pool areas were great for lounging and cruising.  Despite warnings that we needed to be there at 8am to get lounge chairs, we never had a problem whenever we showed up.  I'm not one for cold water, so I stayed out of the pools, but I made myself very comfortable in one of the many sausage stews, aka the Jacuzzis.  They were a great place to meet people and generally got very fun under the bubbles.  VERY.  We made a number of new friends that way.  Daytime friends are lots of fun because once you get to know each other more intimately in your cabin (and on your balcony) you can return to the deck for more "socializing." 

Now just because I wasn't up for a week of partying, doesn't mean that I wasn't down for some solid fun.  The daytime tea dances were held in this outdoor theater-type space.  Not the best way to have a party as you had to arrive early to be on the dance floor, but I could have fun in a paper bag, so that didn't matter much to me. 

The night parties were equally fun.  One of the nice things about the cruise was that if you felt like going out, you could hit a party 'til 1:30 and go home for a good night's sleep.  There was no commitment.  On the nights that we did go out for the "long haul" we managed to dance our asses off (well, not "off," as we still needed them), pull some tricks and have a blast.  There was a solid showing of Nasty Pig gear at night, and we managed to find many like-minded customers to throw down with Nasty Pig style.  While we never went to the after hours, we heard that the scene was much different than "the night of the living dead" crowd that occupied deck four last year.

Now it must be acknowledged that people get DECKED OUT for these theme parties.  They go for it with sequins and glitter and body paint and spandex...lots of spandex.   These guys must bring three suitcases each just for party looks.  It was all very silly.  But I must admit the silliness grew on me.  Here in New York City, we cut up.  We don't get silly.  But... they're kind of the same thing, actually.  And while I never judged the silliness I saw, by the end of the voyage I was actually living for it .  Any expression of creativity is appreciated here at Nasty Pig.  Give me madness over tepid any day of the week. 

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  If you are going to create a full look and serve a legendary costume DO NOT FORGET THE SHOES!  I cannot tell you how many urban commando soldiers I saw at the "dog tag" party in full camo regalia with flip-flops.  Soldiers wear boots, people.  If you are going to give me Mardi Gras, leave the Patagonia hiking shoes in the closet and opt for something more colorful.  Start with the shoes and BUILD UP!  And while I'm on it, if you want to do glitter, do glitter, but please respect my right to abstain, and don't throw it by the bucketload off of a promenade onto the crowd. 

The only dark spot on the cruise was the apparent suicide of one of the passengers. While I will not feed into the rumor mill, the story we heard about what went down was very sad.  Never take for granted the freedom and love you have in your life.  Some of us aren't that lucky. 

So...would I recommend the January Atlantis cruise to a friend?  Based upon my experience in 2012...definitely.  Would I go again? I'd have to say yes.  Thanks to the crew of the Allure Of The Seas who did an incredible job, even under the toughest of circumstances.  Thanks to Rich and the Atlantis staff who pull off an incredible week of madness.  And special thanks the new friends we made who made our voyage around the Caribbean VERY Nasty Pig.


NP fan RON

By:The Crew on 02/09/12

Thanks again to RON who sent in yet another smokin hot pic to


Tom Hardy Getting Paintballed in the Ass

By:The Crew on 02/09/12

The video is pretty much what it says on the tin.

In case you're not familiar with Tom Hardy, here he is playing the titular notorious British brawling prisoner in Bronson:

Or, if you prefer, here he is as a completely bad-ass MMA fighter in Warrior, one of 2011's most overlooked movies:

We actually think Tom Hardy is totally Nasty Pig. If you're reading this and looking for any modeling gigs, give us a call, Tom.