Nasty Pig Salutes: Australia's Matthew Mitcham, Out Gay Olympian

By:The Crew on 07/27/12

The Olympics begin tonight! Very exciting. London, you have our deepest and abiding sympathies. We totally dodged that bullet. 

The handsome fellow above is named Matthew Mitcham; he won the gold medal in the 10-meter dive in Beijing and was the only out gay man to compete in the 2008 Olympics. That year, there were 10 out gay people in competition. This year, there are 22, and all but 3 of them are women. The other two guys both compete in dressage, which is apparently occasionally referred to as "horse ballet." Which, okay. And none of the out gay guys are Americans, so when we were looking for a gay Olympian to salute, we settled on Matthew. The fact that he's a diver didn't hurt - we know you guys like to see a little skin. And he's a pretty cool guy, too: he came out even before he got to the Olympics the last time, and his Twitter profile contains the quote "And yes, bro, I am quite sick." 

As Americans succumbing to the nationalist fervor the Olympics bring out in everyone, we'd also like to salute Seimone Augustus, Megan Rapinoe, and Lisa Raymond, who will represent the United States in basketball, soccer and tennis, respectively. Thanks for your courage in showing that even homosexuals can kick ass for the US. 


We Love: Scissor Sisters - Let's Have a Kiki Instructional Video

By:The Crew on 07/27/12

We are living for these times, guys. 


YouTube Has Lots of Thoughts About Kanye West's Insane, NSFW Video About Eroticism

By:The Crew on 07/26/12

Kanye West collaborated with Anja Rubik and director Barnaby Roper to create this totally batshit, very NSFW video celebrating the launch of Rubik's new magazine 25. The theme is "eroticism," but some very delightful people in the YouTube comments have detected some... deeper... meanings. A brief sampling: 

"This is fucking Satanism. Fuck you Kanye, you dick ass motherfucking gayfish!!" - Petrus 250

"Hello Mr. West! My name is Thomas and I am very fascinated by your music and art. As a matter of fact, I am so impressed that I would like to make you a member of my secret organization. We will teach you ancient techniques of hypnosis, more powerful than any drug. We will show you a world hidden for human eyes. We have answers, we are them. I am him." - yawroN3000

"The Illuminati is out there. Its the work of the devil, and people are falling for it. Kanye is representing satan. He gave up his soul. I admit I love his music for the wrong reasons his making now days. Also that's what is part of the illluminati tradition,hypnotizing people. This video is messed up!" - LiteRXCaramel

We just think the video is amazing. 


We Covet: The Bodyguard Stun Gauntlet

By:The Crew on 07/26/12

On the one hand, we're reasonably skeptical about giving riot police even more ways to subdue our fellow citizens - tasers are dangerous, after all. But on the other hand, have you ever seen anything so unbelievably Batman? We wanna wear this EVERYWHERE.

Finally, the fact that this weapon is called The Bodyguard and was partially funded by Kevin Costner is hilarious. 


Our Country is Having a National Dialogue About Chicken Sandwiches

By:The Crew on 07/25/12

Stay classy, America. 


10 Things Nasty Pig Thought While Watching the INCREDIBLE Video for Wut, by Le1f

By:The Crew on 07/23/12

1. Those are really, really short shorts.

2. We should send Le1f some of our Allover Trunks

3. Wow, his hair is purple. That is rad. Are people going to do that now?

4. This beat kicks lots of ass. It's like if Pharrell ran over a high school marching band with his chromed-out H2 while blasting Miami bass. 

5. This is a gangsta rap song with a chorus involving the phrases "Light in my loafers." We wonder if Le1f wears loafers a lot. 

6. Somehow, they made Pikachu both scary and sexy. They're evoking a level of creep-out equal to that of the girls wearing masks in the "Ima Read" video by appropriating the most recognizable symbol of a billion-dollar brand. Somebody is probably going to get sued. 

7. Le1f is a really talented rapper. That's some quality doubletime.  

8. Hahaha he just did the Hadooooken from Street Fighter. 

9. Is that the New Museum?

10. When did rap get so gay?!


Check Out This Crazy French Steampunk Elephant

By:The Crew on 07/23/12

We feel pretty confident declaring that this is the coolest thing in France. 

The Elephant of Les Machines de l'île is 36 feet tall and 24 feet wide, and has a capacity of 49 people. Les Machines de l'île, or The Machines of the Isle of Nantes, is a tourist attraction/art project that started in 2007. 

But seriously: that is a gigantic steampunk elephant. Where do we get one?!


We Love: Storm Queen - Lets Make Mistakes

By:The Crew on 07/20/12

Until now, analog disco samurai Morgan Geist's Storm Queen project, in which he pairs his production with cracked crooner Damon Scott's mournful vocals, has pretty much been a downer. An incredible, can't look away, gotta-dance-through-the-heartache downer, but a downer. "Look Right Through" lamented homelessness while seeming to lament the experience of being ignored in a club. "It Goes On" mourned the end of a relationship. 

Which means that "Let's Make Mistakes" - which finds Scott on the edge of doing the nasty with someone he shouldn't, perhaps because they already broke up with him - is a bit of a tonal shift. It's not exactly the happiest song in the universe, but it's sexy as hell. Scott's at the top of his game, and Geist has multitracked the infernally catchy vocal over a ton of louche 80s R&B synths, sputtery hi-hats, and an absolutely vital Rhodes riff. Excellent.


Pigs N' Tigers, Together At Last

By:The Crew on 07/19/12

This picture is real. When our Creative Director Frederick Kearney found it, it was attached to a story about how the tiger was depressed because she'd lost her litter, so her keepers strapped a bunch of piglets into tiger outfits to make her happy again. According to, keeper of the Internet's truth, this story, while heartwarming, is probably false. But honestly, we don't really care. It's just another example of one of our most firmly held beliefs: Pigs can get along with anyone


We Love - Azealia Banks, Fantasea

By:The Crew on 07/19/12

It's awesome when people who are full of potential actually fucking nail it. It's one of our favorite things. Which is why we're so thrilled about Azealia Banks' absolutely killer debut mixtape, currently streaming on (not kidding). 

It's futuristic and in-your-face and totally queer (she raps over our buddy Zebrakatz' "Ima Read" beat; "Fierce" is about ball culture and kicks lots of ass). Her rapping is technical, precise, and pointed; she sings a lot here too and acquits herself beautifully. After the long wait between "212" and "1991" we were a little skeptical, but we're totally onboard now. Her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste cannot arrive soon enough.