We Love: Killer Mike & El-P f. Scar - Untitled

By:The Crew on 03/28/12

Killer Mike & El-P - Untitled (Feat. Scar) by Мишка Bloglin

New York apocalyptic boom-bap and Southern-fried eloquence are two of our favorite things - and they've rarely gone together better than on this taste of Outkast-associate Killer Mike's upcoming album, which was produced entirely by Brooklyn's Finest, El-Producto. It sounds like someone melted down a bunch of funk records to create Max Max battle armor. Futuristic and slamming. Can't wait for the record.


Hottie Patrick W from the National Pig Day Vault

By:The Crew on 03/28/12

Patrick (photographed by Mack Sturgis) sure knows how to fill out a jockstrap.


We Love: Simian Mobile Disco - Cerulean

By:The Crew on 03/27/12

A little white dot goes on a mesmerizing, musical journey in this clip for the first single from the upcoming Simian Mobile Disco album. Hypnotic.


Nasty Pig Choice Cuts - Now available at the Nasty Pig HQ in Chelsea

By:The Crew on 03/19/12

Nasty Pig is pleased to announce a new line of limited-edition products available exclusively at our flagship retail headquarters  - Nasty Pig Choice Cuts, a range of unique accessories handmade in New York City.

The reaction in our store to these new statement pieces has been off-the-charts, and we're pleased to be able to serve them up. It's our goal to find a way to get these online soon, too, so keep an eye out. Until then, you can visit us at 265A West 19th Street, at 8th Avenue during our normal business hours.

Mudflap ($139, industrial rubber):

Infringement Chain ($59, stainless steel chains with leather):

Hogtie ($59, leather)

3D Strap ($49, leather with D-rings):

Spike Chain & Hook Chain ($49 each, stainless steel):

Alligator Cuff ($75):

Tail Cuff ($80) - Made of Alligator:


Order & Chaos in Marseille

By:The Crew on 03/15/12

At the Au Vieux Panier Hotel in Marseille, graffiti artist Tilt has created what might be the most bipolar hotel room in the world. At the very least, it's one of the most unique. Half the room is bright, stark, minimal white, while the other half has been bombed to within an inch of its life with thousands of overlapping tags. The video above shows how they made it all happen. We bet it's hard to sleep in this room, but it's sick as hell.


Zebra Katz x Nasty Pig

By:The Crew on 03/12/12

Here are some things we know about Brooklyn-based rapper/evil genius Zebra Katz:

1. His debut single, "Ima Read," featuring Njena Reddd Fox, is one of the greatest bitch tracks of all time. And it only came out in January.
2. Its video smashes up The Breakfast Club and The Shining and is creepy and fantastic.
3. You can follow him on Twitter @ZebraKatz.
4. He is performing at South by Southwest next week.
5. Austin weather permitting, he'll probably be sporting his smart new Stealth Bomber there, too:


Ivy League Pig

By:The Crew on 03/12/12

Winter's finishing up on the East Coast, and our customer Scott, who works at Harvard, decided to enjoy the warm weather by taking a few snaps on-campus in our Service Shirt. It's a decidedly blue-collar look in a blue-blooded venue.


All of the Above, All at the Same Time

By:The Crew on 03/07/12

Yeah, okay: it's a shameless tourism-promotional poster. Given that, it's actually pretty nifty. A lot of the energy we try to capture is described here. It's true. NYC is a great place to live. And hey, the next time you're in town, you should stop by our flagship store.


We Love: Jack White, Love Interruption live on SNL

By:The Crew on 03/06/12

(Pardon the ad).

True to form, Jack White fully killed it on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

We here at Nasty Pig are longstanding White Stripes fans - their albums have been on regular rotation in our flagship since Elephant - and while we will miss Meg White, whose shambling percussion was a completely vital part of Jack's old band, we are thrilled at the prospect of a new record from him, since he is a genius.

At SNL he played with two different bands - one all women, the other all men. The women kind of won this particular battle of the sexes. ("Love Interruption" is also one of the most direct and brutal things he's made in a while, so that helps).


This post does not contain a pun on Jeremy Lin's name

By:The Crew on 03/02/12

Time Lapse of Jeremy Lin Mural from ANIMALnewyork.com on Vimeo.

We're New Yorkers. We love underdogs. And we love basketball shorts. So, of course, we love the Jeremy Lin story. We'd love to get him in our Stuyvesant Shorts for practice, so if his people are reading this - holler at your boys.

Anyway, the video above shows the creation of New York's first - but assuredly, not last - Jeremy Lin mural.