Check out these dudes contorting themselves in gasmasks in the NYC Subway

By:The Crew on 11/30/12

"Flexing" is a street dancing movement born in Brooklyn NY that features lots of rhythmic contortionist movement. We think it's demented and awesome. According to Wikipedia, it evolved out of a Jamaican style of street dancing called "Bruk-Up," which is associated with dancehall culture. We're not certain that the gasmasks are required, but they certainly help distinguish King Bones and DJ Aaron's performances. We kind of love the way that the absolute freakshow on display does not ruffle the feathers of the NYC subway riders shown in the slightest. In New York, we let you do you. 


We Love: Nosaj Thing - Eclipse Blue

By:The Crew on 11/27/12

This is a beautiful song - it reminds us of Bjork back when she liked to make pop music - but what we're really here for are the hallucinatory, minimal/maximal, amazing visuals. The video seems to have been shot in one take and features two dancers engaging with some very complex and creative projections. Describing it that way makes it sound dry, but this is better than the Hayden Planetarium laser show. Trust. 


Nico is Wearing the Doublecross Sweat Shorts But We Have A Pretty Good Idea What Is Under Them

By:The Crew on 11/21/12

There are a few things this photo leaves to the imagination. For example, we don't know whether Nico engages in manscaping of any sort. We don't know if he has any tattoos below his waist. We don't know if Nico is wearing shoes or socks. And so on. There are lots of possiblities left open by this photograph. 

But then, there are some things that this photo makes crystal clear. For example: Nico has buckets of that Nasty Pig attitude we love so much.  Nico looks great in the Doublecross Sweat Short. Nico is not wearing any underwear. And Nico is hung

Thanks for sharing, Nico! Remember - if you want to be featured on our blog, our Facebook, our Twitter, or all of the above, send pics of yourself rocking Nasty Pig gear to


OMG Check Out This Billboard Featuring Nasty Pig!

By:The Crew on 11/20/12

Our amazing partners in San Diego at Mankind have really, really outdone themselves. They regularly advertise on a billboard just down the street from their retail store, and this month they've decided to feature Nasty Pig as part of their outdoor advertising campaign! They picked out a photo that our Creative Director Fred Kearney took of our hot new model Nick in the Lateral Vest and our Long Johns - check out more pics of him here - and we think it looks amazing. Nasty Pig is featured all month at Mankind, so if you're in the San Diego area be sure to check them out ASAP. 


We Love: Kate Boy - Northern Lights

By:The Crew on 11/17/12

The perfect soundtrack for your Saturday night pregame. Kate Boy hail from Sweden, where all the pop music is smarter and better-looking, and this monster of a track is their first single ever. Holy crap. It's like Robyn produced by the Knife, and an immediate contender for debut of the year. We keep hitting repeat, and we bet you will too. Lissen. 


John Waters Stars In the Greatest Kickstarter Video Of All Time, For the Roxie Theater in San Francisco

By:The Crew on 11/16/12

The Roxie, in San Francisco's Mission District, is the oldest continuously-operating cinema in the United States and the second oldest in the world. It's in the process of becoming a non-profit, and the organization is running a Kickstarter to raise money to fund that transition. And, as  America's Favorite Creepy Gay Uncle, John Waters, puts it, "If you don't give them money, you're an asshole." 


We Will Marry Your Girlfriend

By:The Crew on 11/12/12

We will marry the everloving crap out of them. Don't think that we won't. And then they will borrow our Ward Shirts.  


Happy 28th Birthday, Hatful of Hollow!

By:The Crew on 11/12/12

The Smiths' Hatful of Hollow turns 28 today. It still sounds amazing! Listen!


We Love: Azealia Banks - Atlantis

By:The Crew on 11/12/12

Okay, like. If you thought that Ri Ri's performance of "Diamonds" on SNL this past weekend went hard on mid-90s psychedelic screensaver tip, you ain't seen nothing yet. Azealia's clip for "Atlantis" - not our favorite track on her last mixtape by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly banging enough - contains an extremely high weird crap per capita ratio. We dig: that earring/nosering, the green whale exoskeleton that Azealia rides, and the overall manic energy of it all. It's becoming clearer that M.I.A.'s visual aesthetic from around Kala on had a great impact on, at the very least, the lady hip hoppers of the world, which we are not mad at. 


For a Limited Time - Free Return Shipping on the Nasty Pig DRT Jean

By:The Crew on 11/11/12

We want to take a minute to talk to you guys about the newest arrival to our line of Dominant Jeans, the DRT Jean. (It’s pronounced “Dart.”) 

As a staff, we think it’s safe to say that this is our favorite denim pant we’ve ever produced. As you can see from the picture, the construction is really unique. Each leg is cut out of one large piece of denim. This means that there’s no seam down the side of the leg – each leg is shaped onto your body with dart seams. (See those chalked-off angles on the picture above? That’s them.) One goes down the front of the thigh and another goes down the side of the calf. The darts are accented with white stitching, which makes for a really cool angular look when you’re wearing the jean.

Furthermore, the design work we’ve put into the DRT Jean makes for a truly remarkable fit. They contour onto your body just so. Just sayin’, but you’ll have ass for days. And they work for a variety of leg sizes – if you’re doing hundreds of squats, these’ll look great on you. And they’ll look great if you’re not, too.

The fit and styling of the DRT Jean aren’t the only reasons why it’s a special item for us. It’s also the very first raw denim piece we’ve ever produced. Now, a lot of people – our marketing guy Dave included – can get intimidated by raw denim. It has a reputation for being hard to break in and hard to care for. But frankly, if Dave’s any indication, these are the perfect jean for raw denim virgins. He basically hasn’t taken them off since they came in. (Of course, since it’s raw denim, you shouldn’t wash these in hot water or launder them for at least six months, to let the dye set. But if they’re getting a little gnarly, you can definitely stick ‘em in the freezer overnight to care for them in the meantime). 

We put a lot of thought and a lot of love into this jean. We think it shows. And we really want to encourage everyone to give them a try. So we’re going to try a little experiment. Everyone who buys a pair of DRT Jeans on our website between right now and Midnight EST on Thursday, November 15 will get free return shipping for 30 days on the Jean, if they’re not totally satisfied. That’s right – if you buy the DRT Jean today, and aren’t satisfied for any reason, you can just let know and we will issue you a UPS return receipt free of charge. That’s how much we believe in this piece. (One additional note – these jeans run slightly big, so if you like ‘em big and sloppy order your typical size. For a more form fitting look, we recommend you try a size down).

There’s never been a better time to try a pair of Nasty Pig Dominant Jeans.