Tweet By Nasty Pig CEO Becomes Viral Smash

By:The Crew on 10/29/12

When Nasty Pig CEO David Lauterstein woke up last Thursday, he wasn’t thinking about how he could hit the front page of the Internet with a single tweet. Well, not any more than he always is. He was going about his daily routine of decision making and catching up with the news when he came across the statement Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock made about pregnancies from rape, earlier in the week. It really bothered him.

"When I heard Mourdock say that a baby conceived from rape was God's will I was disgusted by his inability to see that therefore God condoned the rape as well," said Lauterstein. "Once he began speaking about how the rape wasn't God's will but the pregnancy was it infuriated me. Who was he to know the will of God and use those beliefs to enforce his will upon citizens? I made the connection that it's this same line of thinking that allows people to claim that my being gay is not the will of God and therefore I shouldn't have the same rights as others. The connection really struck a chord with me so I tweeted it. I guess it struck a chord with a huge number of other people as well."

Indeed, by the following morning the tweet was already off and running, having been RT’d several hundred times. But it wasn’t until the tweet went to number 1 on Reddit – sometimes referred to as the “front page of the Internet” – late on Friday that we understood the impact it was having.

So far, David’s tweet has been upvoted 2564 times on Reddit, and various postings on Facebook (on groups like StopMitt and Being Liberal) have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes, reposts, and comments. At one point various partisans who disagreed with its point were chasing it across Facebook, tagging it for deletion while other people reposted it. It's been retweeted over 6000 times and gotten 35000 notes on Tumblr. It’s been a fascinating inside look at the way ideas can propagate in real time on the social web. We’re glad that so many people found David’s statement worth repeating and discussing, and we’re glad that so many new folks have learned about Nasty Pig by way of a single tweet. Come for the tweets, stay for the underwear :@).


We Love: Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city

By:The Crew on 10/26/12

Pretty much pure fire right here. Compton's latest hotness Kendrick Lamar has dropped one of the best hip hop albums in years. It kinda reminds us of Original Pirate Material or Illmatic in terms of coherence, and we really mean the honor of those comparisons. Lamar has an expressive, relaxed, legible and elastic flow, and there are moments of rapping here that are genuinely thrilling, particularly the explosive double-time and triple-time on "Swimming Pools (Drank)" and the empathic, brilliant storytelling on instant classic centerpiece, "Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst." Lamar has a realistic/postmodern take on gangster rap, in that he narrates gangster stories but does so from the perspective of an outsider. He's fascinated by the life of "the homies," as he frames his bad influences on standout "The Art of Peer Pressure," but he's anchored by a strong sense of family, which makes him question and dismiss the morality of that world. good kid, m.A.A.d city is bookended by voicemails from Lamar's parents (or at least, people playing those parts) - on "Real," his father insists: "Sorry to hear what happened to your homeboy. But don't learn the hard way like I did. Any ni**a can kill a man. That don't make you a real ni**a. Real is responsibility. Real is taking care of your motherfucking family." 

This may make the album sound like a bit of a bummer, and it is certainly is a work of art to be taken seriously. But it's also a whole lot of fun. "Backseat Freestyle" is a complete banger, custom-constructed to rattle out the back of Cadillacs, where Lamar tosses off one of 2012's best lines - "I pray my dick get big as the Eiffel Tower so I can fuck the world for 72 hours." Nasty Pigs should approve. Dr Dre has gotten involved in the promotion of this album, which actually seems like a bit of a cynical move on his part because, aside from his presence on the album's single mis-step, the clunky "Compton," he's not much of a touchstone here. To our ears, the beats and overall vibe are much more reminiscent of Aquemini-era Outkast (the spacey, stoney "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" is as close to being a "Spottieottiedopaliscious" ripoff as you can be while also being fantastic) and A Tribe Called Quest (the aforementioned 12 minute epic "Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst" spends much of its runtime atop a jazzy, syncopated, live jazz-sounding loop). These are Very Good Things to Remind People Of. 

This is actually not Lamar's debut (he released Section.80 on an independent label last year), but it's nevertheless the first mainstream bow of a major new talent. We anticipate wearing the grooves out on good kid, m.A.A.d city in the months to come, and we're really excited to see where he goes next. 


Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Records Pro-Marriage Ad Clarifying His Position on Elected Officials, Lustful Cockmonsters

By:The Crew on 10/24/12

Like the rest of the right-thinking Internet, we were big fans of Vikings punter Chris Kluwe's Deadspin piece in which he forcefully argued that gay marriage would not magically transform Maryland anti-marriage equality politician Charles Burns into a "lustful cockmonster." It was a kind of masterpiece of understatement, really.

So of course we're also totally onboard for this PSA that Kluwe recorded for Minnesotans for Equality, against the proposed amendement to Minnesota's constitution that would outlaw marriage equality. It's a really artfully executed 60 second hit - and while we have some difficulty imagining that it will get a lot of play on actual radio stations, luckily plenty of the Internet will hear it. 

PS - of the four marriage equality-related questions facing state voters this year, the Minnesota amendment is looking the least likely to go our way. So if you like this ad, and you have a few dollars, feel free to throw them some dough



Too Hot For Facebook! Nick in the Tech Sweats

By:The Crew on 10/24/12

Nick in the Tech Sweats. Quite the lurid fold in the fabric, eh?




We Love: Bat For Lashes - All Your Gold

By:The Crew on 10/23/12

Natasha Khan, aka Bat For Lashes, has a knack for the art-pop single that few of her contemporaries can match. From the spooky "What's A Girl to Do" to her Karate Kid-repping epic "Daniel" to her latest album's first single "Laura," a first-rate piano-drenched tearjerker, she's put together a great run of songs that manage to be catchy yet also completely indisposable. "All Your Gold" is the third single off The Haunted Man and it's another big winner. It might remind you at first of a certain another very catchy song with a somewhat eccentric video that You Used to Know. But while some similarities do exist, it would be reductive to focus on them. Khan's take on the airy chorus of this track is worth the price of admission alone. Also, as this video makes clear, girl can work a black and white unitard. Almost certainly better than Gotye can. 


Check out these skewed takes on cereal mascots by Guillermo Fajardo

By:The Crew on 10/23/12

We're totally digging illustrator Guillermo Fajardo's whacked-out takes on cereal mascots. Just in time for Halloween. You can check out his whole series on his Behance page. He describes the concept as follows: "I've always wondered [how it would look] if the charecters from our favorite cereal boxes were actual real life moving and dramatic creatures." Of his pretty skeezed-out take on the Trix Rabbit, he writes: "Our hypochondriac friend is addicted to cereal and [is] enemy of sunlight, but don't underestimate him!"

Far be it from us to underestimate a guy in a bunny suit with a penchant for quad roller skates. 


In Honor of National Ass Day, We Offer You The Best Rap Song About Ass Ever

By:The Crew on 10/17/12

As you may or may not be aware, today is apparently #NationalAssDay on Twitter. We are totally down. 

To celebrate, we'd like to share what we think is clearly the best rap song about ass ever written. 

No, it's not "Baby Got Back." Or "Miss New Booty." Or "Rump Shaker." Or "Back That Azz Up." Or (shudder) "My Humps." (Aside: wow, there certainly are a lot of higher-than-average quality rap songs about ass). 

No, it's Mos Def's greatest moment, the still 1000% fresh "Ms. Fat Booty." Laced with an Ayatollah beat (though we'd swear it was DJ Premier) that samples Aretha Franklin singing her heart out and which will NOT quit, Mos drops what might be the most legible, eloquent sex rap of all time: "Playin Sade, "Sweetest Taboo," / Burnin candles, all my other plans got canceled /Man I smashed it like an Idaho potato / She call my at my J.O., 'come now', I can't say no / Ginseng tree trunks, rockin the P-Funk / Cocking her knees up, champion lover not ease up." It's a master class in ass appreciation. Just like we like it. 


This is the kind of thing that makes us glad to be alive and working at Nasty Pig

By:The Crew on 10/16/12

This is Nasty Pig fan Juan. He is, as you can see, a total fucking maniac. He collaborated with Stan Madden on a photo shoot, which was demented and deranged and amazing. This picture makes us feel lots of feelings. Most of those feelings are uncomfortable, but to be honest, we kind of like it that way. Art! It can be Nasty, too. 


We Love: Holy Ghost! - It Gets Dark

By:The Crew on 10/15/12

We fall into the camp that believes that Holy Ghost! - you really have to include the exclamation point - can do no wrong. So we're definitely digging this black slab of disco, which starts off in an early Depeche Mode mood but then amps things up considerably into melodic Halloween anthem territory. Definitely whets our appetites for their next album, forthcoming on DFA. 


We Covet - Reebok Blast Summer 2012 in Blood Orange

By:The Crew on 10/09/12

Reebok has been upping its game lately. Well done, Reebok. The main question we have about these insanely hot sneaks: how many Muppets had to die so that they might live?