GIF of the Day: Matthew Camp Gratuitous Ass Spinning

By:The Crew on 01/30/13

The good folks at Aussielicious created a GIF of everyone (except YouTube's) favorite part of Matthew Camp's #iamNASTYPIG video and we kind of can't get enough of it. Thanks dudes. You can watch the entire uncensored video on Vimeo below: 



Beyonce vs the Bad Lip Readers

By:The Crew on 01/29/13

"All night I scratched your pig... la fway fway..." 

We guess it's good that at least track Beyonce performed along with at the inauguration featured the correct lyrics. That said, this is hysterical. 


Check out the new LE1F mixtape, Fly Zone

By:The Crew on 01/28/13

You might remember NYC-based rapper LE1F (who happens to be gay) best for his fantastic summer single "Wut," and the super bonkers video he made for it. He's a talented dude, so we are really thrilled that he released brand new free mixtape to the Internet today. We're on our first run-through now and we have to say we're really impressed. LE1F's taste level on the beat front is really high; the beats are remarkably consistent given the fact that only one producer contributed more than one track. And his rapping is really amusing. "Pocahontas" is definitely the illest rap song interpolating the lyrics from "Colors of the Wind" you'll hear this year. There's a song called "Spa Day" which is exactly what we want to hear rappers rap about in 2013. It's all solid. Give 'er a listen. 


We Covet: Nike Air Force 1 Year of the Snakes

By:The Crew on 01/24/13

Every year since 2001, Nike has been releasing limited editions of some of their kicks in colorways corresponding to the Chinese Zodiac. We gotta say that these snakeskin Air Force Ones are kinda singing to us. We're excited to see what they do when the Year of the Pig rolls back around again in 2019. 


We Love: Yacht - Second Summer

By:The Crew on 01/23/13

As you may have heard, it is remarkably cold on much of the East Coast right now. Those of us in the NP Crew who aren't currently shooting our Spring 2013 campaign in Miami are really, really jealous right now. To try to keep warm, we're all imagining how amazing Summer 2013 is going to be... we're going to walk boardwalks in short shorts and cruise dudes, aren't you? And we're also listening to this amazing track from NYC's own Yacht - its nuevo Talking Heads bounce might be the catchiest thing they've ever done, and the video is pretty awesome to boot. You can't get here too soon, summer! Let's have a "Second Summer" of the mind. 


We Love: David Bowie - Everything, and also his new song Where Are We Now

By:The Crew on 01/09/13

David Bowie is one of the all-time greats, and on the evidence of this song - his first track in almost 10 years - he will never lose his magic. 

Yesterday was his 66th birthday, and as great admirers of his genius and vision, we would like to wish him a very happy birthday. His next album, The Next Day, will drop in March. It marks his reunion with his longtime collaborator Tony Visconti, who spoke with BBC News about the single: "It's maybe the only track on the album that goes this much inward for him. It's quite a rock album, the rest of the songs. I thought to myself: 'Why is David coming out with this very slow, albeit beautiful, ballad? Why is he doing this? He should be coming out with a bang.' But he is a master of his own life. I think this was a very wise move, to link up the past with the future, and I think the next thing you hear from him is going to be quite different."

Thankfully, Visconti also played down rumors that Bowie's absence from popular music is due to health problems, commenting that Bowie is "a very healthy man, I can assure you." 

This song is amazingly gorgeous, so we can only imagine that the record will be too. Pro tip, though - this video kind of looks like Ray Gun magazine circa 1998, so the full effect of the song is probably best experienced by turning on the video and flipping to another tab. 


A Bunch of Thoughts About this Picture of Zayn Malik of One Direction Wearing a T-Shirt That Says Power Bottom

By:The Crew on 01/04/13

These photographs fill us with a variety of thoughts and emotions. 

1. We sincerely hope that Zayn, at the very least, understands what this shirt means, and that it's not just some cruel joke being played by his stylist. 

2. Assuming that Zayn knows what it means to be a Power Bottom, we hope that he's wearing this shirt out of the deep respect the phrase should engender, rather than out of puerile homophobic posturing. 

3. We wonder how many Power Bottoms are in Zayn's life. Probably a lot, but perhaps not as many as we are blessed to know and love. 

4. Is Zayn a Power Bottom? If so, this shirt is fucking meta

5. If Zayn is a Power Bottom, we are very proud that he is owning it so boldly. As far as basic graphic tees with simple declarative self-identificative phrases on them go, this is actually a pretty cool one. 

6. That said, we'd have preferred something more historically referential like "Frankie Say Relax Your Asshole." Or, you know, maybe some vintage NP. 


We Love: Gay Kissing on ESPN

By:The Crew on 01/02/13

Over the weekend, ESPN ran the 2012 Professional Bowlers Association final, which finished with a hard-fought match between eventual winner Scott Norton and his opponent Jason Belmonte. Norton - who was not the favorite - managed to hang on to win in the final nailbiting moments. 

This footage is notable for a couple of reasons - first, because wow, that shirt. And also, because Norton is openly gay (he came out in 2011), and after his surprise win he shares a brief kiss with his husband, Craig Woodward - one that is probably the very first gay celebratory kiss in the history of American professional sports. 

And given that the target demographic of the PBA is probably not full of gay people or our traditional allies, the fact that the ESPN announcers also very directly referred to Woodward as Norton's husband or spouse, repeatedly throughout the final, is also pretty damn awesome.

We congratulate Norton for his achievements, Woodward for bagging a professional athlete, and the smart people at ESPN for their deft hands on this one. Awesome.