A Bunch of Thoughts About this Picture of Zayn Malik of One Direction Wearing a T-Shirt That Says Power Bottom

By:The Crew on 01/04/13 @ 10:54am

These photographs fill us with a variety of thoughts and emotions. 

1. We sincerely hope that Zayn, at the very least, understands what this shirt means, and that it's not just some cruel joke being played by his stylist. 

2. Assuming that Zayn knows what it means to be a Power Bottom, we hope that he's wearing this shirt out of the deep respect the phrase should engender, rather than out of puerile homophobic posturing. 

3. We wonder how many Power Bottoms are in Zayn's life. Probably a lot, but perhaps not as many as we are blessed to know and love. 

4. Is Zayn a Power Bottom? If so, this shirt is fucking meta

5. If Zayn is a Power Bottom, we are very proud that he is owning it so boldly. As far as basic graphic tees with simple declarative self-identificative phrases on them go, this is actually a pretty cool one. 

6. That said, we'd have preferred something more historically referential like "Frankie Say Relax Your Asshole." Or, you know, maybe some vintage NP.