We Love: Gay Kissing on ESPN

By:The Crew on 01/02/13 @ 3:38pm

Over the weekend, ESPN ran the 2012 Professional Bowlers Association final, which finished with a hard-fought match between eventual winner Scott Norton and his opponent Jason Belmonte. Norton - who was not the favorite - managed to hang on to win in the final nailbiting moments. 

This footage is notable for a couple of reasons - first, because wow, that shirt. And also, because Norton is openly gay (he came out in 2011), and after his surprise win he shares a brief kiss with his husband, Craig Woodward - one that is probably the very first gay celebratory kiss in the history of American professional sports. 

And given that the target demographic of the PBA is probably not full of gay people or our traditional allies, the fact that the ESPN announcers also very directly referred to Woodward as Norton's husband or spouse, repeatedly throughout the final, is also pretty damn awesome.

We congratulate Norton for his achievements, Woodward for bagging a professional athlete, and the smart people at ESPN for their deft hands on this one. Awesome.