F-19 Flight Suit

Sizing & Specs
Ask. Tell. Half blue collar, half military and 100% Nasty Pig, our Flight Suit has all the attitude you'd expect from Army Surplus, with the upgraded fit and detailing you'd expect from us. It's plenty slutty – the extra long zipper riding deep in the front and the two easy-access slits at the waist will do that – but it's smart, too. When you want to rock it really low, the entire top flips down and the sleeves wrap around the legs and attach with snaps to the knee (as shown), revealing a Nasty Pig branded print on the inside of the back. It's a look that's sexy, sloppy and composed, all at the same time.
Materials: 100% Cotton.
Fit: Jumpsuit proportions, and pretty adjustable at the waist because of the drawstring. Small (28-30' waist), Medium (31-33'), Large (34-36'), XL (37-38'). Meant to ride low.
Detailing: Nasty Pig branded print on inside of back, which is revealed when you drop the top. Prints on left chest pocket and left sleeve.
Snap fixture for the sleeves at the knee, so you can wrap the sleeves around when you're riding low.
Two slits at the waist for extra access.
Extra long zipper for same.
Custom Nasty Pig hardware.
Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Non-chlorine bleach.