About Us


Integrity is the common thread running throughout Nasty Pig

Nasty Pig designs, manufactures and retails innovative clothing and edgy products for the masculine, sexually self-assured man who wears his confidence on his sleeve. Our customers love the progressive attitude expressed by our functional, durable product, and it has been our honor to serve them for over a decade.

Since 1994, Nasty Pig has been in the business of making customers, not sales. By putting the needs of our customers before their wallets we never need to compromise the high level of integrity that we demand of ourselves.

We take our reputation seriously

Integrity acts as the common thread running through every aspect of Nasty Pig, from the designs we create to the business decisions we make. We take take our reputation very seriously, because our good name is worth more than every dollar possibly spent on marketing plans and every penny possibly saved by cutting corners.

Although every business must ultimately answer to its own bottom line, we at Nasty Pig know that we can only do so by answering to the most important part of our company: YOU