Thank You from our CEO
David Lauterstein

Successful businesses fill the needs of their customers. I often think about the needs we are filling for you. For some of you guys, we are a first step in discovering your confidence. For some, we are that dirty little secret that you wear under your suit at work to keep you smiling during the day. For others, we are a lifestyle that represents who you are - ambitious and sexy and fiercely unapologetic. For me, Nasty Pig represents the Great American Wet Dream.

 These past few weeks we ran our first nationally televised commercials on Logo. As I watched these ads with our Creative Director, Frederick Kearney, my husband of twenty-two years and the co-founder of Nasty Pig, I couldn't be more proud of what we accomplished over the past two decades. And by we, I mean he and I and you. Whether you are a new customer or, a loyalist since 1994, together we have created something amazing. We’ve created a brand that defied the odds to represent a culture that is often marginalized but one that we know is valid and real and in my opinion completely necessary to the fabric of society. Thank you for your faith in us. It’s humbling and inspiring, and we won't stop delivering the very best version of Nasty Pig possible. We can't wait to show you more.



David Lauterstein

CEO, Nasty Pig Inc.

Nasty Pig CEO live on HuffPo
David Lauterstein

As the drama over our censored holiday commerical got real, Huffington Post emailed me to see if I wanted to do a live interview on the subject. Of course I said yes. Any opportunity to shed light on the drama that was sparked by this orderal. I come on at 16:00 Check it out


David Lauterstein

I am so effing psyched to see this brand new up and launched. I will be the first to admit that our former site needed some serious overhauling. So we went to work in order to make this new site look sexy and modern while tearing apart the back end to make our new cart and checkout incredibly easy to use. Fred and I hope you like it as much as we do. Stay tuned because we are just getting started!

Huffington Post interviews our CEO
The Crew

After a weekend filled with controversy sparked by an article on Gawker about our "controversial" holiday ad, our friends at Huffington Post reached out to our CEO David Lauterstein to get his side on all the conflama.

Gawker to the resuce
David Lauterstein

When our Give/Receive Holiday ad was yanked off the air by Time Warner Cable and wouldn't give us any reason for their actions, our friends at Gawker took action and helped Nasty Pig get to the bottom of why our company was being treated unfairly. The global conversation that it sparked about advertising, equality and internalized homophobia was an incredible moment for Nasty Pig. Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable!

Mashups usually suck, but We Found Love And Beat It emphatically does not
The Crew

It's not 2002 anymore, so most mashups are pretty lame, but this combination of MJ's vocal from "Beat It" and the instrumental from "We Found Love" is like Peanut Butter and Sex and Chocolate. It's one of those "wow, this is the rightest" moments. Enjoy!

Uhhh there are Ghostface emoji now
The Crew

Well, technically they're stickers - the newfangled emoji substitutes all the cool Japanese kids have been using for years that are just arriving on our shores - but OMFG you guys would you LOOK at these Ghostface Killah symbols you can use in text messages? C.R.E.A.M. is above, and here's one you can use to tell people that Ghostface loves them: 

These stickers are part of the launch collection from Hi-Art, an app that aims to "make contemporary art part of everyday conversation." 

Relatedly: do you think people are going to miss communicating with words? We're basically all reverting to heiroglyphics. If they're this awesome, not sure it's a problem. 

Listen to "RUN!": 

Disclosure Remixed Pharrell and Jay-Z Because You're Worth It
The Crew


I bet you did not realize that you really needed a silky-smooth Disclosure remix of Pharrell's 2003 single "Frontin'," featuring Jay-Z, but quite obviously you did. Pharrell is in full sweet falsetto, Jay is in command like the old days, and the chill poolside vibe is perfect for now. Frankly, this blows everything on G I R L right out of water. Margaritas all around!

Have a Video of a Pig Waking Up To Eat a Cookie
The Crew

You get that cookie, pig. 

Our New Favorite Pop Singer Indiana Dances By Herself Because Sometimes Who Needs A Man Anyway
The Crew

1. Indiana is not from the midwestern United States as her name might imply. Instead, she's from Europe (specifically England), which is probably why her debut single has a dark, throbbing, 5 am strobelights dark disco vibe. 

2. The track is called "Solo Dancing" but a key lyric goes "I go dancing by myself" and you kinda can't help but feel that this is a response to Robyn, something that's somehow feels darker while expressing a substantially more independent worldview. Anyway: if you liked "Dancing On My Own," you will probably like this. 

3. Here's a partial list of weird things in this video, which actually has less dancing than you'd expect: someone rubbing butter onto an ear of corn on the cob with their bare hands. A pork loin. A pork loin being smashed. A FRENCHIE! Indiana twisting a dreidel between her fingers. A jar of pickles! Anyway, listen to the track, it's major. 

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