Xposed Trunk Short

If you're looking to show off a little more skin, the Xposed Trunk Short has got you covered. The onion skin fabric is super lightweight so you’ll be visibly bouncing around in both color options. The black colorway is almost opaque and practically street legal. The white option is not safe for work. Or casual walks. Grab one of each for whichever mood strikes you. Either way you will love this new addition to your NP wardrobe. 

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Xposed Trunk Short

Features and Benefits

Made of an ultra lightweight onion skin fabric, this style gives a throwback vibe with a modern edge. The vent at the base of the leg opening allows for extra room for those days you go hard on squats. There’s a shoot loop at the back waist for when you get sweaty and need to strip down. Tone on tone Snout Logo branding lets you subtly flag your Nasty Pig way of life. tone on tone Snout Logo.

Nasty Pig Presents

Xposed Group

Sometimes you want to show off a little… and sometimes you want to show off A LOT. Our Xposed Group gives you both options. In Black, the lightweight fabric skims your body and accents your bulges. In White, well, your bulges won’t be accented, they’ll be speaking up, loud and clear.