Induction Tee

The Induction Tee offers a fresh take on our perfect fitting classic cotton tee that you know and love. This shirt features a partially obscured Snout Logo hiding under the upper left pocket on the front left chest. Give that pocket a tug to unleash your inner pig. Ideal for cruising and just as useful for low-key flagging when you're navigating more buttoned-up environments.

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Induction Tee

Features and Benefits

The Induction Tee is part of the Induction Group and it pairs seamlessly with the rest of the line.

Nasty Pig Presents

Induction Group

Made of our custom 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this is the best fitting tee you will ever own. Tight around the arms and chest and a bit looser around the waist, you will feel sexy as hell whenever you wear it. The top applied pocket on the front left chest conceals a printed Snout Logo in yellow.