Destruct Bulldog Harness

A totally fresh take on fetish gear. The sand and black color combination and the diagonal hazard stripe detailing evoke covert desert maneuvers. Pair it with the Destruct Jock and you are ready for some sweaty combat. 

641,14 kr
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Destruct Bulldog Harness

Features and Benefits

Two layers of elastic are sewn together to create dimension and maintain the hue of the sand color. All four straps are adjustable so you can get your perfect fit. The custom front buckle is embossed with our Snout Logo so you’ll be flagging all the right signals to all the right possibilities.

Feel The

Desert Heat

This blazing hot group will leave you panting. The color combination of Sand and Black can be worn with almost everything in our SS2022 “HEATED” Collection. The Desert Heat group is perfect for the hot days ahead.