Grip Jock Strap

Unlike any jock you’ve seen before- and we mean that literally. After a couple of years of R&D we achieved a technique that allowed us to create this highly innovative style. Pair it with the Grip Harness to be your own dark knight in matte black on black armor.

Technical Info
Care Instructions
Grip Jock Strap

Features and Benefits

Working closely with our Product Developer, we formulated a process to generate molded rubber amor panels using 3-D printing technology, and then seamlessly affix them to the pouch. Using a separate technique, we affix a matching matte black 3-D Snout Logo to the front of the softhand elastic waistband. Insanely cool.

Head Out

Into The Knight

Our Cyber Knight group takes its cues from all things Gotham. Dark and sexy and architectural, these black-on-black-on-black styles will have you ready for plenty of action, on and off screen 📸🐷