Nasty Pig was founded in 1994 by then boyfriends, now husbands, David Lauterstein and Frederick Kearney.

They set out to make clothing to help their queer community feel sexy and empowered at the height of the AIDS epidemic.

"I saw a beautiful community of queer people who were fearlessly embracing their identity, and I knew in that moment I wanted to build a brand that spoke to them and for them." - David Lauterstein

They started in a tiny store in New York City making a mix of fashion and fetish sportswear, one piece at a time on a sewing machine in the back of the store.

In 2004 we debuted the Snout logo, which our customers now use as a way to privately nod to their fellow Nasty Pigs in a very public world.

Over the next 2 decades, we created one collection after another, exploring queer identities and sexual positivity through clothing.

Today, Nasty Pig is widely considered to be the original sex-positive queer sportswear brand.