Traxxx Bulldog Harness

Crafted from silicone, this harness is smooth to the touch and stretches just enough to make sure you're snug in all the right places. The classic Bulldog style is a nod to the old-school, but with a modern twist that's pure Nasty Pig.

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Traxxx Bulldog Harness

Features and Benefits

Featuring our signature "NASTY PIG INC" rivets and snaps, this isn't just a harness—it's a declaration. As part of the Traxxx Group, we're fusing cutting-edge materials with timeless design.

Nasty Pig Presents

Traxxx Group

The Traxxx Group blends high tech materials with classic harness designs to create a thoroughly modern piece. Our Traxxx harness texture is smooth and skin-friendly, with a little bit of stretch to help you find the perfect fit.