How secure is my information when I give it to Nasty Pig?

Nasty Pig uses the highest level of security when dealing with your order. Our website is protected by nsSafe, and your credit card information is never emailed or visible to the public or our staff. Additionally, we NEVER sell or share your personal information with anyone.

How do I know what size will fit me best?

Utlilize our sizing chart linked in the product description of all items!

Does the return address on my order say "Nasty Pig"?

While we are proud to be Nasty Pig, we respect that some of you want to keep your love of our company to yourselves. Therefore the name on the return address reads "N**** P**".

Does Nasty Pig ship to locations around the world?

As long as UPS or USPS will deliver a package to your location, Nasty Pig will ship to you. You will be able to choose your shipping options once you proceed to checkout. Shipping charges reflect the cost of shipping as determined by UPS or USPS, with no additional markup. Nasty Pig is proud to offer $19.99 flat-rate shipping on all international orders over $100.

Once I place my order, how long will it take to be processed?

Nasty Pig will turn your order around within 48 hours. Please note that orders placed after 3pm EST on Friday will not ship until the following Monday.

Can I bill my order to one address and ship it to a different address?

If you want to ship the goods you purchase to an address that is different from the address associated with your credit card, we must take additional steps to verify your identity. When you place an order with different billing and shipping addresses, one of our Sales Managers will reach out to you directly to request that you provide us with a photograph of your photo ID, or engage with us in a video chat to document the presence of your photo ID. All documentation of this sort will be securely disposed of once your identity is verified. Please note that we take these additional steps to protect you, our customers, and to keep your online identities and financial information secure.

What if I want to exchange all or part of my order?

You may exchange all or part of your order (exclusive of Underwear and Sale items, as well as items purchased at a discount) within 30 days of receiving it, as long as the item(s) have not been used or worn.  You must contact us at orders@nastypig.com to receive an RA Number prior to shipping anything back.  You may also contact us at 855-205-8356.

If you wish to confirm that the item you want is in stock, please call 855-205-8356 or email info@nastypig.com.

What if I want to return my order?

You may return all or part of your order (exclusive of Underwear and Sale items, as well as items purchased at a discount) within 30 days of receiving it, as long as the item(s) have not been used or worn. You must contact us at info@nastypig.com to receive an RA Number prior to shipping anything back.  You may also contact us at 855-205-8356

Can I return Closeout items?

All sales of closeout items are final.

Does Nasty Pig ship to PO boxes?

Customers choosing USPS can ship to PO boxes.

Why am I only being offered UPS Ground and Next Day Air?

If you live within a certain radius of our shipping facility, your package will only take one day to ship once processed and picked up. However, UPS Ground will not guarantee next day delivery unless you choose UPS Next Day Air.

Is a signature required when UPS delivers my package?

Nasty Pig can request "No Signature Required" when processing your order. However, it is up to the discretion of the UPS driver as to whether or not to actually leave the package at your door.

Can I order items and pick them up at the Nasty Pig Store?

You can order items and pick them up at the Nasty Pig Store in New York City. However, please allow two to three days for your order to be delivered from our warehouse to our store.

When checking out, please list the ship to address as:

(Your Name)
Nasty Pig - Website Customer
259 West 19th Street
NYC, NY 10011

Can I return or exchange underwear?

According to NY State Law- Assembly Bill A10635, underwear cannot be exchanged or returned. Please contact us if at 855-205-8356 if you are unsure as to your size, or reference the sizing chart provided in this FAQ section.

Can I buy something online and pick it up at IML or MAL?

Nasty Pig is unable to bring orders to IML, MAL or any other event Nasty Pig attends.

Where is the Nasty Pig store located? What are the hours of operation?

The Nasty Pig Flagship Store is located at 259 West 19th Street in New York City. The store is located between 7th and 8th avenues - closer to 8th.

The store phone number is 212-691-6067.

Hours of operation:

Monday through Saturday 12-8pm
Sunday 1-8 pm

If you wish to contact us by email please write to store@nastypig.com

How do I take care of products made of Nasty Pig Rubber?

Abuse. Wash. Repeat.

Nasty Pig Rubber™ needs no special attention. It can be washed in a washing machine with cold water and regular detergent (no fabric softener). Always hang dry (do not put in the dryer). These instructions appear on the care and content label in each product we make.

Nasty Pig Rubber™ can also be spot cleaned with Windex.

Nasty Pig Rubber™ should not be stored in hot places for long periods.

Gear made of Nasty Pig Rubber™ combined with other materials such as denim should be washed inside out in cold water with regular detergent.

We suggest you hang garments made of Nasty Pig Rubber™ in your closet as opposed to folding them in a drawer. There is no need to condition Nasty Pig Rubber™ with oils or baby powder.

What if I feel my Nasty Pig product is damaged or defective?

Nasty Pig guarantees its product for up to one year from date of purchase against problems occurring with material, sewing and hardware such as zippers and snaps. This guarantee does not cover problems occurring due to issues outside of normal "wear and tear" such as cigarette burns, puncture marks or failure to clean Nasty Pig products according to the care label sewn into each garment.

Prior to shipping anything back to us, please email info@nastypig.com and describe the nature of the problem. Including pics of the problem will help expedite this process, as will giving us the LOT # if visible on the care and content label. Once we determine the best course of action we will advise you on how we will resolve the situation.

In the event that the product in question was not purchased through our e-commerce site, but rather at one of our authorized retailers, please include in your email a copy of your receipt or some other proof of purchase.

In the event that you have a problem with a Nasty Pig product outside of the one year guarantee period, you are welcome to contact us at info@nastypig.com and we will do our absolute best to work with you to keep you a satisfied customer.

What makes someone a Nasty Pig?

Talk about an FAQ! We field this question all the time. A Nasty Pig is someone who is confident, sexy, masculine and real. He owns his style and rocks his bad boy attitude pretty hard. He definitely appreciates his time on this here earth and likes making the most out of his experience. More wild than mild. More gorilla than vanilla. More alive than survive. That's what makes a Nasty Pig.

Am I a Nasty Pig?

You tell me. Take a look in the mirror...what do you see?

If you feel pretty good about what's staring back at you...if your own reflection makes you smile...then the answer is yes.

If you feel like the guy in the mirror could be more than what he shows the world...like there is something inside that just wants to bust out and show off...then the answer is yes. Buy some of our gear and watch what happens.

If you feel like this is a stupid exercise and looking at yourself makes you uncomfortable then try shopping at Brooks Brothers.

Can I work for Nasty Pig?

Nasty Pig is always on the hunt for talented and intelligent people to join our corporate team. If you wish to submit a resume please email it to resumes@nastypig.com

Can I be a model for Nasty Pig?

Nasty Pig is always on the hunt for bad boys to appear in our print and online campaigns. If you feel your look corresponds to our image, send some pictures of yourself to info@nastypig.com and we will check them out. Be sure to include your contact information, as well as measurements, and let us know if you have done any modeling before. You don't need experience, but you should be photogenic as well as f@*king hot.

Can I get a tattoo of the Nasty Pig Brand Mark or Nasty Pig artworks?

Hell yeah you can. We will continue to provide artwork to people who want to permanently brand themselves a Nasty Pig. Please send us and email and request art. And once you get the tattoo, send us some pics as a newly branded Nasty Pig.

Will Nasty Pig donate product to my fundraiser or contest?


Many people do not realize how many requests we get to donate product (multiply what you are asking for by about 100 and that is coming close!) So while we are happy to help you, we need you to help us too through promoting our brand in ways that work for us.

1) We need a live link on your website. This is the most valuable promotion you can give to us and we can easily provide you with artwork for the link.
2) If your contest or event is less than four weeks away then please wait until next year's event.
3) Many people consider mentioning our name at an event or leaving business cards on a table to be good promotion, but this does very little to help our company.
4) Please let us know how many fans you have on facebook and how many followers you have on twitter.

Be creative guys. Think about ways in which we can make this a win-win situation. Do a little research on guerilla marketing tactics and hit us with your ideas. Nasty Pig is happy to get behind you, but you have to be vers and get behind us too!