Chroma Pride Bikini

The Chroma Pride Bikini is not only a fashionable accessory but an essential part of any beach enthusiast's wardrobe. It's designed to provide maximum comfort, flexibility, and protection during water activities, ensuring that you feel comfortable and secure no matter what your day brings.

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Chroma Pride Bikini

Features and Benefits

Offering a more streamlined appearance, the Chroma Pride Bikini is a great complement (or alternative) to Square Cut and Sunga bottoms.

And now, with the Chroma Bikini, you can show your support for the LGBTQ+ community while enjoying the benefits of a high-quality bikini. Our product features ultra-high-resolution gradients and vibrant colors, showcasing the iconic rainbow flag in a stunning new way.

Nasty Pig Presents

Pride Unlimited

We are one community, without exception. Our Chroma Pride Collection pays tribute to the diversity that is a hallmark of being LGBTQ+ people. This year we represent the spectrum of our rainbow in innovative ways on both core and new styles. As a gay owned and operated business since 1994, we are truly proud to offer you this line because we live with pride every single day of the year.