Meat Head Skank Tank Top

If Nasty Pig ever opened a gym, this would be the uniform for the local meatheads. The Meat Head Skank Tank is a unique cut with raw edges everywhere, giving it an edgy, rugged look that is sure to turn heads.

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Meat Head Skank Tank

Features and Benefits

The faded out NASTYPIG logo across the front adds to the vintage, worn-in feel of the tank, making it seem like you've been wearing it for years. The snout logo on the back neck adds an extra touch of cool, tying the whole look together.

This tank top is perfect for the heavy lifters of LA's famous Venice Beach, and will make you feel like a true bro as you pump iron and get your sweat on.

Nasty Pig Presents

Meat Head Group

Bro it up, ho it out! This group is inspired by the heavy lifters of LA’s Venice Beach.