Axle Overall Pant

The Axle Overall Pant, part of our black-and-blue Axle Group, is a fusion of classic workwear inspiration with a modern edge. Made with lightweight softhand nylon, it's designed for those who prefer a bit more coverage but still want the option to turn up the heat.

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Axle Overall Pant

Features and Benefits

With the ability to drop the bib for a more revealing look, this overall pant offers a unique blend of style and versatility. It's a piece that's ready for fun at the truck stop, cruising in the woods and meeting new friends by the campfire.

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Axle Group

The classic-meets-modern Axle Group combines lightweight materials for a black-and-blue collection that feels as good as it looks. The Axle Group brings you a selection of workwear-inspired pieces that will activate your look this Fall.