We built this brand from nothing. We didn't have a business plan or a marketing strategy. We never went after the press. To be perfectly honest we had no clue what we were doing back in 1994 when we invested fifty dollars in fabric and began making clothing for our friends in New York City. All we had was a desire to start something real and the balls to actually go for it. We made it up as we went along, doing our own thing with integrity, and here we are today still doing what we love to do. We built it. You came. And you keep coming and god damn that feels so fucking good. Our customers put food in our bellies and we never forget that. Never.

People told us we were crazy to call our brand Nasty Pig. They still tell us to change our name if we care about getting our line into department stores. Well guess what? We don't. We won't change how we cut our clothes to flatter more of the mainstream market. We aren't focused on anything other than turning out the guys and gurls who are feeling Nasty Pig. Don't get it twisted though. Everyone's invited to the party. But most people won't get us and that's perfectly ok. We'll live. Ultimately there are plenty of people out there who believe in the underdog. They root for the good guys and appreciate something authentic. They know that quality is better than quantity but ultimately there is no reason not to go for both. More is the new less when it comes to being truly alive.

So that's us. We're the little brand that could. Thanks for checking out Nasty Pig. Stick around and enjoy the show.