Union Suit Cutoffs

The number of requests we got for a warm weather version of our Union Suit began to overwhelm our inbox, and being that we just love making you Nasty Pigs happy, we are thrilled to Introduce our brand new Union Suit Cutoffs. All of your favorite features from our Union Suit are represented, and we shaped this version to hug every one of your curves, cuz let’s face it, your summer body deserves it.

Wear them under a pair of jeans or shorts for a fresh new springtime look, or rock them all by themselves and deliver that warm weather onesie fantasy that is sure to slay all day.

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Union Suit Cutoffs

Features and Benefits

Featuring our iconic Snout Logo patch on the chest, these Union Suit Cutoffs also have our original signature snap closure design, running from the chest all the way down and under to the top of the butt. This detail not only makes getting in and out of the cutoffs a breeze, but also enhances your silhouette and makes your ass look better than ever. The custom cotton spandex rib provides plenty of comfort and prevents this sexy style from ever losing its shape when you wear it.

Nasty Pig Presents


A collection of styles based upon our best selling Union Suit. They have a classic vibe with that unmistakable Nasty Pig touch.