Anvil Sock Garters With Trade Socks


Mixing business and pleasure just got a little bit hotter with the new Anvil Garter and Trade Sock duo. These leather sock garters are sure to keep you feeling like a Nasty Pig under any suit. Popular among private dicks of the 1940s, garters are essential for keeping your sheer dress socks in place while your feet are in the air.

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Anvil Sock Garters with Trade Socks

Features and Benefits

Made of 100% leather, the Anvil Sock Garters can be adjusted to find the perfect fit. Sheer dress socks are included to complete the look. Both garters are embossed with “NASTYPIG” branding.

Nasty Pig Presents

Honcho Group

Be your own head honcho- Nasty Pig style. The Honcho Group is sure to have you turning heads. Everyone will know who is in charge when you’re rocking these future-fetish styles.