Grind Jock Strap

Sharing the distinctive green-and-black styling of the Grind Group, this spandex jock strap is all about performance, support, and unapologetic confidence.

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Grind Jock Strap

Features and Benefits

Designed with high-performance materials, the Grind Jock Strap provides the support you need without sacrificing style. Whether you're lifting, running, or pushing your limits, this jock strap keeps you comfortable and in control.

Nasty Pig Presents

Grind Group

Introducing the Grind Group, the fourth generation of our NP/GYM gear. Look great any time you sweat.

The green-and-black Grind Group combines high-performance materials and expert craftsmanship to deliver gym wear that works just as hard as you do.

From Compression Shorts and Tights that offer a sexy, supportive fit, to the sweat-wicking tanks, shorts, and cap, the Grind Group will make a stylish and practical addition to your gym attire.