Hook'd Up Sport Sock 3.0

Serving 70s porn star fantasy, our Hook’d Up Sport Sock gets the 30th Anniversary treatment with a tri-color infusion. Celebrate our dirty thirty in style.

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Hook'd Up Sport Sock 3.0

Features and Benefits

The Hook’d Up Sport Sock 3.0 is a heavyweight cotton blend with cushion-y soles. Our Snout Logo is knit into the front and NASTYPIG is emblazoned across the toe. Extra strong with extra stretch, so you can stuff ‘em full of lube, poppers, and whatever else you need in the event that you check your pants 😉. Enhanced with new tri-color combinations for 2024, the Hook’d Up Sport Sock 3.0 colors are all single run productions and available for a limited time.

Nasty Pig Presents

CORE 3.0

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’ve taken your favorite CORE styles and amped them up with brand new 3-tone color combinations. Get these limited-edition 30th-anniversary pieces while you can.