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Timeless styles, subtle branding, killer fit. The Nasty Pig CORE collection consists of your go-to classics that can be thrown on every day.

In the late 90’s, Nasty Pig was known for making fetish styles out of machine-washable rubber. After a long night and a particularly fun morning, our CEO found himself with a handful of greasy bedding and a mattress that he didn’t dare sleep on. In that moment, he had the idea to use the rubber from the fetish gear and turn it into a fitted sheet. Our Creative Director made a prototype, and the very next weekend they put together a focus group to test them out.

Ever since, our fitted PlaySheets™ have been a staple of the Nasty Pig CORE Collection. Made from our custom polyamide rubber, PlaySheets™ feel as sexy as they look. 

Throw them over your sheets before your guests arrive to set the scene for a very good time. We know you’ll be exhausted by the time your guests leave, so simply strip the PlaySheets™ and slide right into your clean, ready-made bed. Throw the PlaySheets™ in the wash the next day and you’ll be ready for round two.

Trust us- these are a must-have for every Nasty Pig.

  • Part of our Nasty Pig CORE Collection
  • 100% custom polyamide rubber
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Comes in Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes