The equal rights you have today didn’t always exist for you. When I came out of the closet we gay people were not allowed to marry each other. We were not allowed to serve openly in the military. In many states we were not even legally allowed to have sex (I kid you not). That was less than thirty years ago. These rights and freedoms you enjoy today are relatively new, and they are still fragile. Don’t take them for granted for one minute.

We got these rights because we fought for them. We marched. We protested. We actively participated in our democracy. This year we are being faced with literally preserving that very democracy, so I am urging you to register now and to vote on Election Day. Participate. Make your voice heard in the present to ensure it can never be silenced again in the future.

Our country is in your hands. VOTE.

Founder/CEO, Nasty Pig Inc.