Open Access Thong

The Open Access Thong offers a fully visible front mesh pouch that is both alluring and functional, providing the support and comfort you need to feel confident and sexy.

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Open Access Thong

Features and Benefits

In addition to its undeniable sex appeal, wearing a thong has many benefits. Thongs are designed to eliminate the discomfort and irritation that can be caused by traditional underwear. The minimalist design of the Open Access Thong means less material and fewer seams, reducing the risk of chafing and providing maximum comfort.

Nasty Pig Presents

Xposed Group

Sometimes you want to show off a little… and sometimes you want to show off A LOT. Our Xposed Group gives you both options. In Black, the lightweight fabric skims your body and accents your bulges. In White, well, your bulges won’t be accented, they’ll be speaking up, loud and clear.